Parents and Students FAQs

Frequently asked questions by students/ parents

Q1. How do I contact “Artha Home Tutors” for the tutoring requirements?

Ans: To contact “Artha Home Tutors”, a customer can take the following actions:

  • Call us at +91 7770000635 or +91 6262073739
  • Fill the contact form.
  • Call to nearest office of “Artha Home Tutors”

Q2. Have any regional office of “Artha Home Tutors” around us?

Ans: Yes, in every state there is at least one office of Artha Home Tutors.


Q3.  What is the admission process?

Ans: The students are required to fill up the admission form. They must also submit:

  • Last Exam Result

Q4. What is your fee and payment process?

Ans: Fee depends upon the following factors:

Student’s class | Subjects | Board | Tuition requirement – Number of Days/Week.
We have a very simple payment system which is similar to any other tutoring center/schools/institutes. We are a tutoring company and not a tuition-market-place or a tuition broker. You will find our fee and payment process more similar to that of schools/institutes.


Q5. What are the modes of payment?

Ans: We accept cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card.


Q6. Do I need to sign any contract/agreement?

Ans: Yes, you are required to sign an agreement with us. According to the agreement, you will be the client/customer of “Artha Home Tutors ” until the agreement is terminated.
Q7. What are the study packages you offer?

Ans:  We have the following study packages:

  • Yearly package
  • Half yearly package
  • Quarterly Package
  • Complete Exam Preparation Package (CEPP)


Q8. Does “Artha Home Tutors” resolve issues arising between parent/student and tutor?
Ans:  Yes, as a responsible company we try to resolve every single issue a customer faces. We screen and interview teachers and recruit them on the basis of their qualification and capability of teaching. Till now we have seen very rare cases of disputes, and solved them successfully.


Q9. What is the duration and timing of the classes?

Ans: The classes are held for 1-1.5 hours a day. In a week, 3 to 5 classes are conducted as per the student’s requirement.


Q10. Where are the classes held?

Ans: The classes are held at the student’s residence.

Q11. Can you replace the tutor if I am unsatisfied?

Ans: You can ask for tutor replacement any time during the contract period if you are not satisfied.


Q12. Do you compensate for the classes in case the teacher is on leave?
Ans:  Yes, we compensate for the classes if the tutor is not available due to emergency situations. In case the classes are not compensated, you don’t have to pay the tutorial fee for that period.


Q13. What are the syllabuses covered?

Ans: Our tutors are competent to handle multiple board syllabuses (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, NIOS, ISC and STATE).


Q14. Are the tutors trained and qualified?

Ans: We conduct a series of tests and interviews before selecting the teachers.  We also have online teacher training and teacher certification programs to increase and sustain the quality of teaching.


Q15. Does the tutor help with homework?

Ans: Yes, the tutors help the students in the homework. However, please don’t expect them to do it themselves. Our teachers are instructed to empower students in doing the homework.


Q16. Do you conduct tests for the students?

Ans: Our tutors take weekly and monthly tests to gauge the student’s progress. We also conduct online tests for them if required .


Q17. Can I have a one-to-one interaction with the tutor before starting the classes?
Ans: Before the classes begin, our counselor goes to check the level of the candidates and understand the requirements. Then after we place the suitable tutor. If you like the tutor you may continue with the same teacher. Else we will replace him/her. We don’t conduct any demo classes.


Q18. How are you different from the other tuition classes?

Ans: We provide home tutorial service. Our tutors take classes at your place. Students can save a lot of their valuable time and energy. Moreover, we stress on the pupil’s academic improvement. The Academic Management program of “Omega Home Tutors” tracks the performance of tutor and student. Our tutors employ different techniques of learning to find the best one for the student. We have an excellent academic support and care team.


Q19. Do you guarantee the grade improvement?

Ans: We just offer a helping hand for the students by providing you qualified and competent tutors. Student’s grade improvement depends a lot on the other factors too. However, we will put the 100% percent effort from our side to bring out the best in the student.


Q20. Do you renew the contract agreement?

Ans: After the agreement period is over, you can go for renewal if you wish to continue with our services.


Note:-  If you have different question, Please fill the the given below  and send your query. We will get back to you within few hours.}

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