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Tutor’s frequently asked questions

Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for instructors at Artha House Tutors” ?

Ans: Any graduate/post graduate prospect with an outstanding scholastic track record and the passion for mentor can look for tutor task at “ Artha Home Tutors Pvt Ltd ”.

Q2. How do I make an application for tutor job?

Ans: For requesting tutor” s job, you need to fill and submit the online instructor application type by: Click on this link

Q3. What is the choice procedure?

Ans: After getting your online instructor application the HR Academic Manager scans your profile. If any trainee’s requirement matches your profile, an interview or a positioning test is arranged, and you are notified by a call or an email. The placement exam consists of a series of test to gauge your subject competency. Just after qualifying all the rounds, tutors are picked.

Q4. What are the topics for which I can request tutor position?

Ans: We accept applications for all the topics associated to CBSE/ ICSE/ IB/ IGCSE/ ISC/ NIOS/ STATE Boards.

Q5. Where do I carry out the classes?

Ans: All the classes are carried out at student’& rsquo; s home.

Q6. What is the duration and timings of the classes?

Ans: The duration of the classes would be 1.5 – 2 hours daily. In a week, you are required to carry out the classes for 3 days or 5 days. The moms and dads/ students choose the timing according to their convenience. You will be notified about the time and days/ week before beginning the tutoring sessions. And if you are OKAY with that, tutoring can be started.

Q7. Do you conduct any training for tutors?

Ans: Yes, we conduct training sessions for teachers. The training sessions are useful for the tutors to comprehend different issues of the students in a much better way. We have both online and offline training and exceptional certification programs.

Q8. Do I need to send any files?

Ans: You are required to supply copies of your qualification/experience certificates, 2 passport size photos, identity proof and regional address proof.

Q9. Where shall I gather my income?

Ans: You can get your month-to-month income straight from the moms and dads. Nevertheless, the institute will preserve your participation sheet and track your efficiency. Salary will be offered to you based on your tutoring sessions and quality of teaching.

Q10. Do I have to take a trip long distances to conduct the classes?

Ans: No, we assign students neighboring your region. We try our best to lessen your travel time.

Note:- If you have different question, please fill the for provided below. We will return to you within couple of hours.

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